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Image is All

by on 3rd September 2014

It’s time to look at the fourth in my series of Ten Global Communication Trends for 2014: Image is All.

From the face that launched a thousand ships to the ice bucket challenge that spawned millions of dollars of charity donations, visuals have always had the power to move. Interestingly the ice bucket challenge was not a PR campaign but took flight when a golfer and then a sufferer got involved, giving an added element of authenticity.

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How to measure influence on Twitter

by on 31st July 2014

There are many ways and variables to measure influence and effectiveness on Twitter, but one thing is sure, the number of followers is not the only one. Unfortunately it is often the number of followers your executives will be interested in. When we released our Twiplomacy study in June 2014 we found that retweets and mentions from very large accounts hardly generated any retweets.

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What CEOs can Learn from Politicians on Twitter

by on 18th July 2014

What can we learn from politicians and governments on Twitter? Quite a lot as our latest Twiplomacy study suggests.

Twitter is no longer the social network where you share what you had for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Twitter has become the global newswire for journalists where news breaks faster than on traditional networks.

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Evidence-Based #evidence

by on 7th July 2014

The third of my Ten Global Communication Trends for 2014 is one that’s very close to our hearts at Burson-Marsteller and that is evidence-based.

On the one hand, evidence-based is about measuring the ROI or the impact of communications; it allows us to gauge perceptions of a brand or issue at the beginning, middle and end of a campaign and in this way demonstrate to the business and the CFO the real value of our work.

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Personalisation or the “Youniverse” #personalisation

by on 6th June 2014

It’s time to have a look at what’s being said so far this year around the second of my Ten Global Communication Trends for 2014 which is #personalisation or the “Youniverse”.

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Social Media Impact on Communications #socmedimpact

by on 5th May 2014

Since publishing my Ten Global Communication Trends for 2014 at the beginning of the year, I thought it would be good to revisit them one by one on a monthly basis. So let’s take a look at how social media has been impacting communications in the first quarter of this year.

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The Rise of Incognito Tech

by on 11th April 2014

Only a short while ago, what the future had in store for us belonged to the realm of science fiction.

Now we live in a world where our every move can be tracked, interpreted, stored and explored. The tensions between information freedom and personal control are reaching breaking point today and not just because of the ease of sharing information.

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Facebook’s Diminishing Reach Return

by on 28th March 2014

A lot has been made recently of the diminishing value of brand Facebook Pages and the discussion is only set to become louder.

Facebook has for the last two years throttled the organic reach that brand pages have. As of April 2012, Facebook limited the reach of your content to 16% of your audience and this has continued to be reduced steadily. It now stands at around 2%.

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What Can Air Hockey Teach Us About Communicating Online?

by on 28th February 2014

Social media is much more than just a tweet, a video on Vine or a Facebook update. It’s a way of thinking and behaving. How can we take a simple execution, such as an image on Twitter, and turn this into a piece of content that our community will want to engage with?

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100 days to go, 100 things to know about Europe’s year of change

by on 11th February 2014

At 07:00 CET on Tuesday 11 February, there will be exactly 100 days to go to the opening of the polls for the European Parliament elections. As the countdown to the elections intensifies, here is our overview of where we stand.

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